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We are a Swedish consulting group with broad expertise and international experience of the management and control of operational change and development in both the private and public sector. Our fundamental idea and guiding principle is that more perspectives create bigger and better insights.

Stockholm Consulting Group consists of senior consultants who, by virtue of extensive expertise and experience in both consulting to senior management positions have created a common platform with Swedish leadership as a base. This width of expertise, diversity and close cooperation between the consultants aim to optimize the diversity our clients seek. We are simply a place where skills, experience and innovation meet.

Stockholm Consulting Group wants to challenge the traditional consulting industry through new and innovative ways questioning given business model. This means that we are prepared to go out of our way to stray away from the old and ingrained patterns. We challenge each other internally: all in order to create maximum contrast and value for our clients.

Our office is an appealing and inspiring venue for our customers, consultants and partners. We would like to invite all of you in an open, welcoming atmosphere with casual, personal and honest dialogue.

We work for the managers, boards and senior executives seeking development and change, and who are looking for new and multidimensional solutions based in Swedish approaches to "management".